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Drywall Magic

Drywall Magic when you need it.

Walltech Drywall Services can fix anything and no problem is too big or too small.

It has happened to just about every homeowner in the Temecula Valley, an accidental hole in the drywall. Opening a door without using a stop, hole in the wall. Moving furniture and you make a wrong turn, dent in the finish. We have seen our share of baseballs, hockey sticks, and skateboards causing minor damage to an interior wall. You need Drywall Magic.

Below is an example of a very simple fix we recently completed. In less than an hour, drywall magic can eliminate the unsightly damage.  And with a coat of fresh paint the damage in nearly impossible to see.

Walltech Drywal Magic HolesWalltech Drywall Magic

Walltech Drywall Services makes same day calls for emergency situations, or schedule a time and we will be on site and on time. Walltech is proud of our five start feedback https://www.yelp.com/biz/walltech-drywall-services-temecula

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