Walltech Drywall Ceiling Repair

Walltech Drywall ceiling repair

Ceiling repair to Menifee home.

A leaking toilet can be costly in many ways. High water bill is the first issue that comes to mind. When a toilet leaks into the ceiling, it can cause catastrophic damage. This Menifee home had a minor toilet leak that which damaged the ceiling. Walltech Drywall Services was selected to complete the ceiling repair. First, the damage area was cut away (image 2). A new drywall patch was placed to provide stability and prepped to the next step (image 3). With the finish coating complete, ceiling texture is applied. The damage from our homeowners leaking toilet is completely invisible.

completed repair of ceiling by walltech drywall

ceiling patch walltech drywall services

open ceiling from toilet leak

homeowner temporary ceiling patch from toilet leak

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