Flat Screen Mounting

July 3, 2018

Picking out a new flat screen television is a great experience. Looking at all the different brands, selecting the best picture, and having the right size for the room in your home are important. Installing the new flat screen is probably the most important aspect of all. The first thing most homeowners find is what to do with all the wires. There is nothing worse than a wall full of wires coming from the television, hanging down the wall. It's an eyesore!

Custom Entertainment Niche by Walltech Drywall Services

Installing your new flat screen television may require cutting and drilling holes in your wall and running electrical connections to ensure a perfect fit. This is a task best left to a professional. Walltech Drywall Service has years of experience hanging flat screen TV's and making your home look great.

Here is a recent installation of a flat screen television along with a custom niche to display photos and other items. First all measurements were made to ensure proper height and location. Once the homeowner was happy with the installation point, small holes were cut to allow wiring to be hidden, and electrical connections made inside the wall. This step is so important. Look how clean this looks without any wiring visible and looks like the television is floating on the wall. 

Walltech Drywall made a larger cut-out and hung fresh drywall to create a custom niche below the television. Adding a custom niche provides a great place to put cable boxes and other items like family photos and still keep a clean look. 

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