Ceiling Repair: Water Damage

June 24, 2020 By Bill Herbert

Murrieta ceiling repair from water damage Flooding from upstairs destroys ceiling in Murrieta home. Walltech Drywall comes to the rescue. This Murrieta homeowner came home to find their entire home flooded downstairs and massive damage to the ceiling in the family room and kitchen.Catastrophes like a flood can strike at any time. Broken pipes, overflowing bathtubs, or a clothes washing machine can spontaneously cause a massive amount of damage to a home when a ...

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Bad Drywall Patch: What To Do?

June 17, 2020 By Bill Herbert

Bad drywall patch jobs are common, so this blog will showcase some of the “more interesting” patch jobs we at Walltech Drywall Services have fixed. No homeowner is proud of a hole in their walls, whether by accident or by design. Repairing those holes seem to be rather easy. Some homeowners attempt their own repairs, while others may choose any number of free or lost cost alternatives. We have seen repairs done by neighbors and ...

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